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WebCab Portfolio (J2EE Edition) 4.2
Apply the Markowitz Theory and CAPM to construct the optimal portfolio with/without asset weight constraints with respect to the risk, return or investors utility function. Also Performance Eval, interpolation, analysis of Efficient Frontier and CML. (12/28/2009 1:30:01 AM)

TextileNet 2.88
TextileNet is designed for MRP, raw material logistic and distribution operation for all kinds of textiles. Raw material like fiber, yarn, filament, (12/28/2009 1:30:01 AM)

InformationCompiler 2.2
Compiles the query-relevant information extracted from a collection of unstructured text documents (local or found on the web). (12/28/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Free Project Management Software - Windows/Linux/Mac, Supports resource leveling/optimizer, parent/child task structures and familiar linking relationships. Flexible resource scheduling: multiple calendars, timezones, part-time and shifts. (12/28/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Create Student Class Schedules with Excel 1.3
The program was developed to schedule Adult Day Care activities and has applications in scheduling students to other types of classes. It tracks class sizes as you make student assignments and it creates various class rosters and schedules. (12/28/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Merops 7.00
Merops is the solution for the management of your stock portfolios. You can track all your stocks in one place. Automatic updates of the quotes and indicators will provide you an accurate picture of your investments at any given time. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Bond Yield Calculator 1.0
The Bond Yield to Maturity calculator for Excel and OpenOffice Calc enables the automatic generation of scheduled bond payments and the calculation of resulting yield to maturity. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4
The Nurse Dispatcher can be used by staffing agencies that provide nurses to work various shifts at several hospitals. It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to send people to work different shifts at different locations. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Virtual TimeClock 5.0.5
Virtual TimeClock Professional is time and attendance software for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh OS 9 and OS X computers. It is a cost effective replacement for mechanical employee time clocks and paper time card systems. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Investigator Report 2009
The Investigator Report provides a full range of case management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of Cases. The application provides case management, billing, date tracking, and calendaring from a single repository. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Method123 Educational 3.6
Online Web Based Project Management Software that can also be downloaded to a PC. You can download a project management methodology complete with templates, examples and case studies. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Barcode Producer For Mac 5.5
Barcode Producer For Mac is high-resolution, fully customizable barcode generation software for your Mac. Featuring support for over a dozen different symbologies, customizable output options, built-in printing, and of finished barcodes.OCR characte (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

Php-Residence Hotel Software 0.6.1
Designed to manage house apartments or hotel rooms. Reservations can be assigned to apartments automatically with user defined rules. Templates to check availability for internet sites can be created. Multi-user with privileges system. (12/27/2009 1:30:01 AM)

AbiWord for Mac 2.8.1
AbiWord for Mac is a full-featured word processor and now maintained by an open group of volunteers, as a native application on a wide collection of computers and can handle an equally impressive number of file formats for Mac OS X users. (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

FileMaker Pro 10
a cross-platform relational database application from FileMaker Inc. formerly Claris. FileMaker Pro integrates a database engine with a GUI-based interface, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens or forms (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

FlashPioneer Web Conferencing Chat 1.7 Build 80108
The Web Conferencing Chat system makes your office productivity increase with easily files sharing, live image previewing and chat history recording; real-time drawing board; With help of the detail documents, the installation is easy and fast. (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

VoodooPad Lite for mac 3.5.1
the free version of VoodooPad. While not as powerful as the real thing, it still gets the job done. It's for those on a tight budget, or who just want to play around with VoodooPad beyond the 15 page limit without committing to it just yet. (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

Market Your Shareware for mac 1.1
Market Your Shareware for mac takes you to all the best places to market your software and put your website on the map for Mac OS X users. You can fully automated press release creator makes writing your press releases a breeze. (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

Data Export - Access2DB2 1.0
Hxtt Data Export - Access2DB2 is a program to import MS Access(95, 97, 2000, XP, 2002, 2003) database into DB2(8 or upper). It support export data in DB2 Procedure, or embed in your application,or accord a config file. (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

Issue Tracking 2.0
WebAsyst Issue Tracking is a web-based software tool which enables you to streamline your business process, in whole or part, during which documents or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action to be taken. (12/26/2009 1:30:00 AM)

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recovers files or photos from Mac hard drive, runs on computer installed Mac OS X system.
recover photos or documents from digital media devices including Memory Sticks, SmartMedia, CompactFlash I & II, MMC, Micro Drives, SD Cards, xD Cards, PCMCIA, Floppy Disks, VCD, DVD, etc.
works with VCD, SVCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MOV, DVD VOB, MPEG-4 formatted AVI and Audio CD.
Convert DRM protected Music .M4P to non-protected audio formats MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.
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